Secret Project…

Posted on September 9, 2012

Well that’s it then. Today I finished all the final bits of work for my big secret project launch, which is happening next Sunday at Top Drawer London at Olympia!

I can’t wait until everyone can see what I’ve been up to!!!

In the meantime I’m pretty knackered. It’s that back to school feeling you see. Ok I know it’s not me who went back, but there is quite a pressure on us mums of school age children! We need to make sure we have enough uniform, have braved the shoe shops to get well-fitting, but with room enough to grow school shoes. We have to have a suitably sized school bag, have written all school calendar events into our diary and have all holiday homework completed…etc….etc….

When I waved my eldest cherub off last week I had a gulp in my throat but also a huge weight off my shoulders, as I had completed all of my ‘mummy back to school tasks!!’

Unfortunately though I’ve got to go through it all again this coming week as my ‘twincesses’ start school nursery. I need to label all of their clothes, pack their change of clothes bags, and buy a big box of tissues for me! My baby girls are going to school (nursery)! How is this possible? What am I going to do with myself? Er….bake of course!

Now some friends have suggested ‘it’s time for another child’ and having had my niece and nephew to stay last night (bringing the total amount of children in our house to 5) I feel I could handle a couple more…. 😉

Mr P however….believes (quite rightly-don’t tell him) that baking is my new baby. And this baby does not answer me back….perfect!

Speaking of which….best go….can hear at least 2 children yelling ‘mummy’ at the top of their voices!

Suzy xxx