Top Drawer

Posted on September 16, 2012

Exhibitor pass

What a phenomenal day at Top Drawer London!!














We had such a positive response to the new ‘Bake With Suzy’ range and orders placed for gift shops, garden centres, and farm shops all over the country, plus Jersey, Ireland & Orkney!! There was also major interest from Australia…..but the huge news is….


A well known BIG American retailer has put an order in for ‘Bake With Suzy’!!!!

I’m SO excited!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell????


Two other great things happened today:

1) The lovely lady from the shop in Orkney tried the brown sugar shortbread sample that I was handing out, and said that it tasted just like her late Grandma’s shortbread. She said that it was so similar and she thinks of her Grandma’s as being the best ever! In case you don’t know, shortbread originates from Scotland. So, to be told by a Scottish person that your recipe tastes amazing (as she did) is a massive compliment!!!

2) Yummy Home in Pinner put in an order!! I grew up in Pinner and not only do my parents still live there, but Yummy Home is my mum’s favourite shop!!! I can’t wait to see her face when goes in there and sees her daughter’s face staring out from the shelves! 🙂

After all this excitement I need a lie down…..

Only joking….I have a new recipe to work on and a new tin to work on, as we are already expanding the ‘Bake With Suzy’ range!!!!!!!

(Apologies for the overuse of exclamation marks!!!!!! I can’t help it!!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!!!!!)

Thank you for all of support and lovely messages, they mean more to me than you could ever know.

Suzy xxx