Competition Time

Posted on November 29, 2020

Hello! How are we all? You may have noticed that I haven’t written a catch up blog post for a while. And if I am honest, I really haven’t known what to say.

Life in the Pelta house has thank g-d been healthy and good, and simplifying our life to be about the 5 of us has in many ways been so lovely. If you have been following me on instagram then you will see that I have been enjoying cooking family meals and documenting them and I have loved trying new foods and cuisines out on the children!

Work has been different and whilst food festivals and appearances have been postponed, I have been keeping busy by promoting small brands and running giveaways with them. Remember, my whole baking story started with a competition win and so I truly know how much a competition can make a difference.

So I just popped on to say that you should make sure you check out my competitions section of my blog for a chance to win some great prizes! The recipe section of my blog has some new, easy additions and find me on social media (twitter, instagram & Facebook) for more up to date info on what I am up to!

Be back soon

Suzy xx