Easter Eggs

Posted on March 7, 2013

I love chocolate.

There I’ve said it. I really really really love chocolate. There are very few brands of chocolate I don’t like. In fact I can’t actually think of any!

It is almost Easter and what is not to like about a festival that positively encourages you to eat a lot of chocolate? I absolutely love Easter eggs. My favourite are Cadbury Creme Eggs. How amazing would it be if the Cadbury Creme Egg Easter eggs actually were giant Creme Eggs…..mmmmm.

Anyway, I digress….I have to admit I buy a lot of Easter eggs. I have three chocolate loving children, a chocolate loving husband, plus I also have 5 nieces and nephews – 4 of whom are old enough to love, adore and be bribed by chocolate! Then there are Mr P’s brother and sister and brother in law, and my sister and brother in law, and also our parents! You get the idea!!

So I need to buy some eggs. A lot of eggs.

So I went onto Mysupermarket’s Easter Chocolates & Treats page, because I wanted to get the best price for my Easter Egg shopping bonanza!

This time, I selected Tesco as my default store as I am trying to build up my clubcard points, (I obviously was open to switch to other supermarkets if that would save me some money!) I did really like the fact that whenever I selected a product to view or even buy, MySupermarket would tell me the estimated amount of clubcard points I would earn each time!

So, firstly I needed to buy myself a Cadbury Creme Egg Easter Egg. (Priorities!!)


It was reduced to £1 in Tesco – until 19th March, which was good to know!

Then I thought I should buy Mr P a special egg (he’s a pretty special guy!)


The Divine Dark Chocolate Egg with Dark Chocolate Ginger & Orange Bar is totally up his street. He loves dark chocolate and this will definitely score me a few brownie points!

For my Louis, it had to be a Cadbury Mini Egg Easter Egg. This boy is obsessed with Mini Eggs and would happily eat packet after packet after packet (I don’t let him though, in case you were concerned!!) I actually have an Easter recipe coming to my blog soon, that has Mini Eggs in it…needless to say, I am currently Louis’ favourite mummy ever!


His egg was also reduced to £1 in Tesco until 19th March! Bargain!

For my Twincesses it had to be Hello Kitty Eggs, which come with a cute little shopper bag!


I know they’ll be delighted with these!

Then it was Peppa Pig Eggs for the neices, Super Mario Egg for the nephew, Green & Black’s Mint Chocolate Eggs for our siblings and Lindt Lindor Eggs for our parents, and then my Easter Egg Shopping Basket was full! It was now time to check where was the cheapest place to get my Eggs delivered from? (It is a bit sad that I find this part very exciting?)


Despite Asda being £2 cheaper, there were also 2 items unavailable and so I didn’t think it was worth switching from Tesco. Plus, I also got 53 clubcard points!

My next dilemma is where to hide all of this chocolate and how to stop myself from eating it all….

So there I am…sorted for Easter! And no, I haven’t forgotten that its Mother’s Day this Sunday….and I really hope Mr P hasn’t forgotten either!

Suzy xxx