Posted on February 1, 2013

In this new and exciting chapter of my life, I am spending a lot of time baking, creating and tasting too (it’s a hard task, but somebody has to do it!) As a result, I go through a huge amount of ingredients every week and my shopping bill has increased tremendously! I need to make sure I am getting the best deals without compromising on quality.

So when the lovely people at contacted me and asked me if I would like to review their website, I jumped at the chance! Mysupermarket is a price comparison website that enables you to directly compare prices and find the best offers from the leading online retailers. I need to save money on my shopping. Mysupermarket helps you save money on your shopping.


So I registered and then set about filling my mysupermarket basket up with my weekly essential home baking items. I am embarrassed to say, that before I got the ‘baking bug’ I would let eggs, milk and butter go off in my fridge! Nowadays I get through at least 18 eggs, 6 pints of milk & 1500g butter a week!!!!

The mysupermarket website clearly enabled me to search for the brands I like, and showed me how much they were in the other supermarkets. There was also the option to save money by switching to a different brand using ‘Swap & Save’.


For example, I found that if I swapped my Cravendale 2L milk for Asda’s own brand 4 pint (2.27L) milk, I would actually save 50p, but get more milk! There was also a cool cash register style ‘kerching’ sound effect, when you swapped, indicating that you had saved money! (I love a good sound effect!)

I also used Swap &Save when I was looking at self-raising flour. By switching from 2 x 1kg boxes of Homepride to 4 x 500g of McDougalls, I saved £1.50!


All of these savings really do add up!

Talking of savings, when you go to checkout, mysupermarket has a Saving Centre that for my shop showed me that I had 10 more items to potentially swap and save, saving me a further £9.17!


I should mention that I had picked Asda as my default store, but I was also able to see (on the right hand side of the page) my basket total in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ocado & Waitrose. For the particular shop that I did, Asda was the cheapest throughout. And the price difference from the most expensive shop to the Asda shop, was nearly £13!

Mysupermarket makes the entire online grocery shopping experience so much easier and more importantly cheaper. Even if you are not a big fan of shopping deliveries, there is the option to print off your shopping list to take in store, so that you can go armed with current pricing and offer information. If like me, the thought of going into a supermarket fills you with dread, then this really is the website for you.

There is only one thing missing from mysupermarket….they haven’t yet added a ‘would you like someone to unpack your shopping, put it away and make you a cup of tea’ option…..oh well….!!!

Check out mysupermarket and let me know what you think!

Suzy xxx

P.S. Check out the ‘Buy Now’ button on ALL of my recipes, so you can find the best possible price for all of your ingredients from mysupermarket!

P.P.S. Although this post is sponsored, all of the views and opinions are my own.