The Sick Children’s Trust’s Big Chocolate Tea Party

Posted on February 13, 2015

Last week I had the privilege of being invited to the launch of The Sick Children’s Trust’s Big Chocolate Tea Party Campaign at the beautiful Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane in London. I took along my trusty sidekick Natasha and dressed in our prettiest tea dresses & heels we joined lots of other chocolate lovers for a very special tea party!

It was fabulous to meet some familiar faces including Sian Lloyd & Paul A Young, who support The SCT in so many ways:

And great to chat to Gogglebox’s Bill:


We were treated to a tea like no other I had experienced before! We drank chocolate tea….yes chocolate tea:

Which smelt and tasted very comforting! We ate some of the Great British Bake Off’s series 1 winner Edd Kimber‘s buns (ooo errrr) 😉 

And we ate such delights as Paul A Young‘s chocolate spread and cucumber sandwiches!!

And salted caramel spread on the fluffiest scones:

A rich chocolate prune cake:

And other delicious mini treats:

But as amazing as all this food was, there was a serious reason we were all there.

The Sick Children’s Trust provide free home from home accommodation to the families of sick children in hospital. We spoke to a lovely lady on our table who lived in one of the The Sick Children’s Trust houses and she told us how much it meant to her that she was able to be close to her daughter, who is in the hospital across the road. As a mum of three myself, the thought of one of my children being ill in hospital is unbearable. Knowing that charities like the The Sick Children’s Trust are there to support families at their most vulnerable time is so reassuring and so important.

The Big Chocolate Tea Party is all about holding a Chocolate Tea in the month of May to raise money for The Sick Children’s Trust. I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate right? It costs just £28 to provide a room in a ‘Home from Home’ for a whole family for one night – could you raise £28? For your free party pack email your details to

Watch out for some special work I will be doing with The SCT soon!

Suzy xxx