Posted on September 30, 2012


I’ve emerged from under my cloud of flour….It’s been a crazy week full of non-stop baking and a husband who is probably 3 stone heavier! Huge thanks have to go to my family and friends for their help with the kids over the past week! Despite me thoroughly enjoying and encouraging you to bake with your kids, product development with your kids is definitely not enjoyable or recommended!!

We have a photoshoot for the new products on Wednesday so that the artwork for the tins can be signed off by the end of the week and then the new tins can go into production!!! 🙂

In the meantime, tomorrow it’s October. Yes for most people October is just the month after September. For me, it is the biggest month of my year! Our wedding anniversary, all 3 of my kids’ birthdays, my nephew’s birthday and my niece’s birthday are all in October. And this year, my sister is also expecting her third child, in (you guessed it) October!!!

I have literally just emerged from the kitchen…and I’m going straight back inside to make cakes for the parties!

And this October sees another big event for me….my products going into the shops!!

I’m feeling very excited and a little bit jittery too….but that could just be too much sugar!!

Back to baking it is…. 🙂

Suzy xxx