Foodies Festival You Were Brilliant!

Posted on June 1, 2018


I am getting worse and worse at updating my blog here….or maybe it is just that I am getting busier and busier – which is no bad thing! 🙂

I spent Bank Holiday Monday at Foodies Festival at Syon Park and as usual it was absolutely brilliant! The sun shone, the place was packed and I gave a typically expressive demo!! Sadly that is my only date with Foodies this year,  but I have lots of other appearances coming up, starting with BBC Good Food Show Summer on June 14th! Check out my Appearances page for all my latest demo news.

I have been writing lots for The Metro including my most popular and most debated post so far, all about Afternoon Tea Scones! How do you pronounce Scone? And do you put jam or cream on first? It seems that whichever way you do things, you feel quite passionate about it, as proved by a number of twitter arguments on the subject that I seem to have found myself involved with!! (And if you are on my side with cream first, make sure to tweet me about it. If you think jam first then you don’t need to! 😉 )

Thanks to Kettle Chips for having me and my gorgeous work wife Natasha to their ‘Real Food Real Pleasure’ event. We took home A LOT of crisps and we can honestly say we loved the flavours. My favourite was the Salted Caramel and Double Cream. It was also really fun to create our own flavours.

If you want more giveaways, then stay tuned! Lots more competitions coming up – for food, clothes, drinks and more!!

Don’t forget to check out my social media channels – especially my instagram, where I post daily instagram stories of my slightly bonkers life!!

And do not forget to sign up to host your Marie Curie Blooming Great Tea Party. It is such an easy way to raise vital funds! And you can find my campaign cake for this year  – Orange Cream Layer Cake, here. And my top tips for hosting a tea party here!

Must go…have a very important project to work on….!!!

Suzy xx