Posted on June 15, 2012

Twitter is amazing.

I have actually had twitter for a few years, but will happily admit…I just didn’t ‘get’ it. All these ‘@’s’ and hash tags and weird codes I didn’t understand.

It was during the Lorraine competition that I started to use it more (to drum up a bit of support) and I also started to learn more about it. Whilst with Facebook, you meet someone once and you become Facebook friends, twitter is not like that! People need to be interested in what you have to say and share interests with you. On twitter there is a real community spirit. For every hobby/interest/job, there are a community of like-minded people sharing ideas and offering support.

As well as an amazing baking community, I have also found a brilliant creative community, and it is through this, that I have ‘met’ Deborah Lee. Debs is a staunch supporter of creativity and British Business and she very kindly asked me to write a guest post on her hugely successful blog: Debsylee. My post went live today….you may just recognise the recipe!

Meanwhile I’m working on a couple of very exciting top-secret projects – watch this space! And, there will be a new recipe posting this weekend…look out for it-it’s yummy! 🙂

Happy Friday!

Suzy xxx

P.S. (For my Dad) – you need to click on ‘Debsylee’ to link to the guest post…..No I’m not saying you’re stupid, I just know that I would I get a phonecall asking me how to find it if I didn’t write this message!!! Love you xxxxxxxxx