Posted on April 27, 2013


Now that a couple of my secret projects are out in the open, I’ve taken the opportunity to do something I have been putting off/dreading/pretending wasn’t an issue…..

I’ve tidied my house.

Now for those of you who haven’t seen my house, let me paint a picture. I am a hoarder. Clearly not like the people on those tv programmes that can’t see their floor, but I am not far off. I like stuff. Unfortunately, it would appear my children have inherited the ‘liking stuff’ gene.

My son likes balls, playing cards, match attax, moshi monster cards and pencils. Rather than having a small selection of each, he has approximately 7,000 of each, stuffed into every shelf, drawer, box, bag and crevice of his room.

My twin daughters like paper, stickers, lip balm, tiny dolls, tiny toy animals and plastic jewellery. Rather than having a small selection of each, they have approximately 14,000 of each, stuffed into every shelf, drawer, box, bag and crevice of their room.

It was time for a clear out.

What prompted your clear out, you may (or may not) ask? Well…five years ago when we moved in to our house, we thought about getting a sofa for a playroom. Fast forward five years and we finally stopped thinking about it, and got one! A lovely fuchsia pink sofa (yes I have no idea how that colour managed to get into my online shopping basket….) Anyhoo….the arrival of the pink sofa meant the playroom needed clearing and any parent knows that if you want to properly clear out your play area, you need to clear the whole house, because children put stuff EVERYWHERE!!!!

(Incidentally behind the piano were several empty sweetie and chocolate wrappers. It appears my children have been secretly eating and then disposing of the evidence behind the piano!!)

Under the living room sofa were 4 monopoly pieces and 6 hungry hippo marbles.

On the floor, by Mr P’s side of the bed were 2 toy hamsters.

In my makeup bag were 2 pairs of Barbie’s shoes…..

So for the past three days I have completely cleared the playroom, living room, and the kids’ bedrooms. Bags of broken toys have been thrown away. Bags of toys are ready to go to the charity shop. Bags are being passed on to the cousins. I have had my oven cleaned, my carpet cleaned and next week I am having my patio cleaned. No I am not nesting (before you ask) but merely taking some time to get my house in order before life goes crazy busy again!!

Talking of crazy busy, I have been making great progress with my Marie Curie Blooming Great Tea Party this week, and have secured some fabulous local cake makers to help me, and have also got some incredible raffle prizes! You can read more about my planning here! And if you have any ideas of games, do please let me know!

My Lemon Custard Cream Cake recipe, created especially for Marie Curie, is now available in a handy downloadable recipe card. You can find it here!

The beautiful website Baker and Maker is now stocking Bake With Suzy tins! Do check them out as their website has so many gorgeous and unique items.

Don’t forget there are currently TWO Bake With Suzy Competitions running:

Re Magazine is giving you the opportunity to win one of my tins and then I will bake it with you! More information on how to enter is here!

I am running a twitter competition to win one of the NEW Bake For Kids’ Tins. More information on how to enter is here!

Right, that’s my update! This weekend is a rare, but wonderful one, where we have no entertaining to do and instead have been invited out lots! It’s such a treat!

Be back soon with my other secret news, (that I still can’t talk about yet!!!!!!)

Suzy xxx