Provena Competition

Posted on March 3, 2016

Its time for another competition and this one is with Provena Gluten-Free!

Did you know that while only one in 20 people is diagnosed as coeliac, one in three of us now regularly buys gluten-free foods as part of a lifestyle choice (Mintel January 2016).

Research also shows that 51% of people who regularly buy gluten-free food and drink do so to improve their overall health, 38% do so to feel better, 27% do so to lose weight, and only one in 20 chose gluten-free because they actually have coeliac disease (Natural Marketing Institute)

Provena Gluten Free offers a range of high quality oat-based foods from Finland that are perfect for all the family.

The quality of Provena’s range is unquestionable, with the brand’s first two UK offerings – Baking Flour with Oats, and Jumbo Oats – both winning Great Taste Awards in 2015.

Now the brand is adding a range of delicious cereals and three new baking offerings – including an easy to use Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix – to its UK line-up.

I was lucky enough to receive some Provena products to try and with the help of my friend’s Coeliac son, we had some baking fun!

12669747_10153364471381500_156344399_o 12773396_10153385749776500_106482666_o

His verdict was ‘delicious to make and eat’! He also especially loved the mueslis as he had never had muesli in his life (and he is 10). This was a real treat for him!

Provena is offering six lucky winners the chance to win its full range which includes:

Instant Oat Meal with Apricots – ready in seconds, just add water for a delicious breakfast with real apricots (5 x 40g, RSP: £3.49)

RS003 Instant oat meal Apricot p73



Instant Oat Meal with Raspberries (5 x 40g, RSP: £3.49)

RS002 Instant Oat Raspberry p73

Oat Muesli (600g, RSP: £6.49) – try this Muesli and you’ll realise that not all Muesli is the same

RS010 Oat Muesli p73

Wholegrain Oat Flour – perfect for making delicious sweet or savoury doughs and pancakes (400g, RSP: £3.49)

RS020 Wholegrain oat flour p73

Oat Bread Mix (450g, RSP: £3.99) – does exactly what it says on the pack, it makes delicious bread with a luscious oat-y taste

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Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix (300g, RSP: £3.79) – perfect for entertaining, or with the kids – just add butter and eggs, ready in 15 minutes!

RS030 Muffin mix p73

So, how do you enter the Provena Competition?

The THREE Facebook winners will be chosen at random from someone who likes mine & Provena Gluten-Free‘s Facebook pages and answers the competition question on my Facebook page.

The THREE twitter winners will be chosen at random from someone who follows me @SuzyPelta and @ProvenaOats on twitter and who has retweeted the competition information.

There are no limits to the amount of twitter retweets and each twitter retweet counts as a new entry into the competition. However if you are not following @SuzyPelta AND @ProvenaOats your retweets will not count.

And now for the terms & conditions:

– The competition starts at 6.30pm on 3rd March 2016.
– The competition closes at 9.30pm on 9th March 2016.
– The competition is only open to UK mainland entrants.
– The winners can not transfer the prize and there is no cash alternative.
– The winners will be chosen at random and the decision is final.
– The winners will be notified within the week after the competition ends.
– The prizes must be claimed within a month after the winners’ announcement. After that time the prizes will be reallocated if unclaimed.
– The prizes will delivered by the end of April 2016.

Provena products are available now from a number of retailers, including Waitrose, Amazon, Holland & Barrett, and good independent stores nationwide, while Provena is delighted to announce that Provena Gluten Free products will also soon be available to order via Ocado.