Home Sweet Home

Posted on February 7, 2013


Apologies…it has taken me a day or so to update since Spring Fair, but I have literally been unable to move from the sofa! I am so unbelievably tired – clearly I am getting too old for this standing on my feet all day lark!

Spring Fair was great! I got to meet some fabulous people and we took lots of orders and have many meetings planned over the next few weeks!! I will of course let you know, when I know, what there is to know, you get me? 😉

Mr P coped beautifully whilst I was away. I am pleased to report that the three little P’s are all in one piece, and that the Princess P’s did ballet in their correct uniform (I was slightly concerned they may be dressed with their leotards on their heads and their ballet shoes on their hands!!)

I am very pleased to be home and straight back into work! There is a brand new Bake With Suzy Valentine’s Tin Competition in conjunction with the fabulous Eat In Magazine! More info can be found here!

Talking of competitions, thank you so much to Galina Verese, one of my previous Valentine’s winners, who has written a great review of her Bake With Suzy Tin on her blog!

Don’t forget, with Valentine’s around the corner, you have my Valentine’s recipe to make: Hidden Oreo Cupcakes! Oh…and buy your loved one(s) a card!!

Lots of love

Suzy xxx