Posted on May 24, 2013


I’ve done something this week that I haven’t done for approximately 13 years.

I bought new trainers.

In fact, I bought new trainers and TWO whole new sports outfits!

For those who know me well, and for those who have the measure of me, you will realise that this is rather surprising news. I was the girl at school who regularly faked illness to get out of PE lessons. I generally don’t ‘do’ exercise. However, I have found Metafit – a very intense bodyweight training class and don’t tell anyone, but I actually really like it!

The way I see it, is that I love food: I have a very sweet tooth and I enjoy creating new recipes. In order to get healthy, but still enjoy my food, I need to enjoy exercise. So I’m putting it in writing on my blog – I commit to going to metafit every single week. There…I’ll have you lot to answer for if I don’t do it. Plus, my trainers are so pretty – purple and turquoise with purple laces….!

Talking of pretty things, have you seen the brilliant Craft Candy website? It’s packed full of lots of craft workshop ideas and information, and you may see someone you recognise as their guest blogger this week! (It’s me…in case you hadn’t guessed!)

My latest blog post for Marie Curie can be found here.

And this is my last reminder for the Re Magazine competition where you could win the chance to bake one of my baking kits with me! This competition closes on 31st May. More information here.

I have a new AMAZING competition launching tomorrow night where there are THREE prizes and entries are open through twitter and email.

I’ll be back with more info tomorrow,

Suzy xxx