Competition WINNERS!!

Posted on March 27, 2013

We have some competition winners!! Thanks so much to those of you that entered my Facebook Bake With Suzy Competition AND the Kids Wall Stickers Competition through my blog & twitter!

The Facebook Bake With Suzy Competition winner is:

Marrian Kipepeo Hudson

Congratulations! You win a tin of your choice!

Now, for the Kids Wall Stickers Competition Winners…..

1st Prize: Tracy Druce! You win:

Colourful Circles Wall Stickers


Wonderfully bright and colourful peel and stick circles. You can create all sorts of patterns and designs with these really cool Circles! This collection is ideal for boys and girls of any age group and perfect for living rooms, kitchen, children’s bedrooms, playrooms or anywhere that needs some brightly coloured circle stickers to enhance the look and feel. The stickers can be applied to any smooth flat surface such as wallpaper, painted walls or ceiling, cupboard, furniture, glass, metal, or even in bathroom!

2nd Prize: Charlotte Horsfield! You win:

Pink and Orange Wall Pockets


These really cool pink and orange dots are not just bright and eyecatching… they’re functional, too! Some are cut so you can fold half of an inner circle onto itself to create a small pocket that can hold light, flat objects. Use the pockets to hold notes, pictures, movie tickets, CDs, cards… the list goes on and on! Others can be used as frames and decoration. The clever design means you can completely remove the center and apply a picture behind the circle!

3rd Prize: Antonia Rookley! You win:

Hippy Heart Sticky Fixers


Cool and Funky Hippy Heart Stickers are perfect to display children’s paintings, photos or special messages. At last, a fun and safe alternative to tack, tape or pins that won’t damage your walls, furniture or Masterpiece! Try them on your fridge to stick reminders or to display kid’s artwork.

Well done to all of the winners!

I’m also feeling like a winner as my Bake With Suzy Tins are featured in Olive Magazine’s May edition’s ‘Wish List’!!





Lots of exciting things happening very soon….but first I need to recover from having 20 people for Passover dinner the other night….I’m cream crackered!

I’ll be back soon

Suzy xxx