5 Ways to Make Your Marie Curie Tea Party a Blooming Great Success!

Posted on May 25, 2017

Five Ways to Make Your Tea Party a Blooming Great Success

Hopefully by now you have signed up to host a Blooming Great Tea Party to raise vital funds for Marie Curie. Having hosted my own Tea Party for the past 4 years, I thought I would share with you five ways that you can make your Tea Party a Blooming Great Success:

1) Set a date and venue that works for you and your friends:

Blooming Great Tea Parties can be big or small. You can hold yours at home, in a hall, in an office, wherever you like! Why not turn your lunch break into your Tea Party? Just make sure you get the date in your guests’ diary as soon as possible.

2) Keep it simple:

Not everyone is a confident baker and so don’t see your Tea Party as a big baking challenge. You just need some quick, simple and delicious recipes! Perhaps you could even ask some friends or local cake makers to bake for your event.

3) Delegate:

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Ask friends to bring things or even give them jobs on the day, such as ‘chief washer-upper’ or ‘person in charge of the raffle’! Blooming Great Tea Parties should be about everyone chipping in.

4) Decorate:

Use the goodies in your Tea Party Pack – bunting, balloons, signs and money box to decorate the Tea Party area. The bunting is especially fun to make with young children.

5) Raise as much money as possible:

Whether you decide to charge guests an entrance fee (as I do) or you charge per slice of cake, make sure you have plenty of ways for people to top up your total. Why not have some games, such as ‘guess how many sweeties are in the jar?’ and a raffle? Look out for your unique text code in your emails from Marie Curie. This will mean that people can simply text to make a donation, so they don’t need to worry about having change with them! And my top tip, at the end of the Tea Party, make sure you sell off the leftover goodies too!