Beautiful Italy

Posted on August 24, 2015


I’m back from 10 beautiful days in Italy!


I try not to post too much on social media while I’m away, so apologies for a break from normal service! (I have to admit to not being very good at not being on my iPhone constantly….)

Anyway…what can I say about Rimini? Well I ate cake for breakfast EVERY DAY!!!!


I’d like to say I’m embarrassed about this, but it seems that cake is a big part of Italian hotel breakfasts and I am happy to take on board other countries’ traditions whilst abroad! 😉

I also ate A LOT of pasta and pizza (unsurprisingly) and my favourite pizza was a Romana (capers and anchovies):

image image

I also enjoyed lots of fresh fish and we spent many a meal in the same restaurant (partly because it was opposite our hotel, and partly because they gave free breadsticks – so my kids wanted to go there ALL of the time!)

My favourite dish there was Tuna Steak, grilled to perfection, served with chopped tomatoes and caperberries. I adored this dish:


And I ate many a gelato! My favourite flavour was a white chocolate, hazelnut and caramel ice cream (Bellissimo!):


Other than eating, we spent many a day on the beach building sand castles, digging holes, collecting shells & sunbathing! We also visited the whirlpool, the local waterpark, danced with Italian ‘John Travolta’ & created lots of family memories:


Special mention must also go to the approximately 500 games of UNO we played:


One of my twins is a pretty terrible loser, so many a tantrum ensued if she didn’t win (if she did win she was beyond delighted!) Unfortunately she didn’t win that often 😁

All in all we had a fun filled time and a big thanks must go to Hotel Panoramic in Rimini for literally being the friendliest hotel we’ve ever stayed in. Every member of staff from housekeeping through to the manager were warm, kind and couldn’t do enough for you. I highly recommend!

So now I am back and approaching my busiest time of the year! I’m delighted that the timetable for the Bake & Cakes Stage at BBC Good Food Bakes & Cakes Show is now online! I can not wait for my daily Magimix Cookalongs and I can’t wait to share with you what else I am doing at the show! 😊


I also have some other VERY exciting opportunities coming up that I can’t talk about just yet…but I will be able to soon….(sorry 😊) I really wasn’t joking about things getting busy!

This week is my mum’s special birthday, and I’ve got a few lovely things planned, as well as a little Irish adventure for me – more about that next week!

I will also resume competitions next week and I have some brilliant ones lined up!

Anyway, must dash as have some important recipe testing to do….be back soon!

Suzy xx