I <3 Mel Giedroyc

Posted on June 5, 2015


So the kids have been back at school and I have been back to business! I’ve been working on some interesting Bake With Suzy ideas – look out for something new and a little bit different coming soon!

I’ve also finally (huge apologies for the delay) posted my Breakfast Rugelach & Rocky Road Rugelach Recipe!


Back in November, this was one of the recipes that I demoed at BBC Good Food Show, and I promised the audience that the recipe would be on my blog that week…..! My excuse is that I was waiting for my website to be updated and then when it was, I had all of the Marie Curie recipes to add…..anyway, it’s on here now and it’s definitely worth waiting for! Sorry!!!

I launched a competition this week with The Urban Cordial Company and you could win three bottles of summery cordial:


Find out more information here!

But my biggest news this week has been that the videos that I made with Mel Giedroyc are now LIVE!! Mel appeared on the Lorraine Show yesterday talking about Marie Curie’s Blooming Great Tea Party and the videos went live at the same time! In fact, if you saw the segment, you will have heard Mel talking about a lady who she had met recently who makes her tea party a big event and has a tanning booth and an assault course (!!)…. That was me!!! Ok the assault course bit is definitely not true, but the rest is! And I say videos because as well as the main video, there is also a very funny teaser video, which causes me to make this face in one part:


And you can watch the teaser here:

And the main video here:

I do hope you like! And if you do, please give us a thumbs up on YouTube! 🙂

This weekend is all about tea and dinner with friends, family birthday parties and lots of work!

Be back soon

Suzy xx