A LOT of Eating

Posted on May 22, 2015


Second week of my new style site and I’m back with my second news post! 🙂

And while preparing what to write for this post it occurred to me that a lot of my week revolves around food…and eating!!

On Saturday, my husband & twin girls along with my friend Natasha’s family went to The Grosvenor House Hotel for an absolutely delightful afternoon tea! The Grosvenor House have a special Grover’s Tea for children and our kids had their own special plate of mini cakes, ice cream & fruit salad, accompanied by their choice of drink.


The adults all enjoyed a traditional afternoon tea of finger sandwiches (my favourite was the smoked salmon), delicious buttery scones served with clotted cream and your choice of jam (my favourite was raspberry), mini pastries & cakes (my favourite was a mini lemon meringue on a thin spiced biscuit) and your choice of a cake from the central table (I’m ashamed to admit I couldn’t manage a whole piece, so shared a delicious chocolate fudge cake doorstop slice!)

image image

To accompany the tea we all had a refreshing glass of mango juice filled with tiny (how do they cut them that small?) cubed pieces of mango and pineapple, as well as our own pots of tea.

image image

A lovely touch, was that each child got their own Grover teddy to take home!


Thank you to The Grosvenor House for such a special afternoon! We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and left feeling very very full!

Talking of food, this week has also seen a long overdue catch up with a friend over breakfast:


Some exciting recipe development:


And an addition to the family: (my new egg house!)


Thank goodness my Fitbit has been replaced (it had stopped working.)


And I know it’s a terrible thing to say, but I almost didn’t see the point of walking if my steps weren’t being counted! Anyway, now they are, and I am back on it, and my daily aim is to beat my sister’s steps!! 🙂

So I figure I need to do a lot of walking now to burn off all of this eating! Oh and did I mention that this weekend involves two afternoon teas and a sushi night out with friends! Eek!

As well as all of this eating, I’ve also launched two new recipes, been working on a number of very interesting projects, been to see S Club in concert and I’ve launched a new competition!

Lots more to come next week too!

Be back soon

Suzy xx