Cakes By Robin

Posted on October 23, 2014

Some of you may know, but for those that don’t, October is a crazy month in the Pelta household. My twins’ birthday, my son’s birthday, our wedding anniversary plus 2 of our nieces and our nephew’s birthdays are all within 11 days in October!

So, when the lovely Cakes by Robin emailed me asking me to review one of their cakes, their timing could not have been more perfect! As you all know, I ADORE baking but there is nothing wrong with asking for a little outside help (especially when you have an intensive birthday time in your house)!!

I decided to order a cake for my Tottenham Hotspurs loving son and it was delivered on the morning of his birthday.

I was so excited to see it and I knew he would be thrilled when he saw it too!

He was! Louis was obviously super impressed with the fact that it was a Spurs Cake and he was so happy that we decided to take it to the restaurant we were going to for his birthday dinner.

After the meal, the waiters brought the cake out and Louis made his wish whilst blowing the candles out (probably wishing that he could play for Spurs!)

We cut into the cake and discovered it was a deliciously moist Chocolate Cake and the family really enjoyed it!

I was really delighted with the cake from Cakes by Robin and the whole service from ordering, to delivery was very smooth. I would highly recommend their cakes for all of your celebrations…and I know Louis would too! 🙂

You can contact Cakes by Robin on: 020 8874 4616 and through their website, Facebook or twitter.

Be back soon 

Suzy xxx