Give Up To Give Back for Plan UK

Posted on February 9, 2014

How many of you made New Year’s Resolutions? *Me!!!*

How many of you kept those New Year’s Resolutions? *Er….not me!!!*

Now that January has been and gone I’ve decided to have a rethink about the changes I can make in my life to make a difference!

Have you thought about sponsoring a child? For just 50p a day you could sponsor a child in one of the worlds’ poorest countries to help them build a better future. Plan UK is a global children’s charity and I am supporting their Give Up To Give Back Campaign. Plan UK understands that in these times, people are watching every penny they spend, and some people will see child sponsorship as a regular expenditure that they can’t justify. With Give Up To Give Back, by cutting back on something small you can create huge changes in the lives of others!

For example, If you could go without the chocolate bar you eat on your coffee break, you could lose weight (which is a good thing) but you could also do an amazing thing and use that money to sponsor a child, to help build schools and hospitals, train and educate disadvantaged people and provide lifesaving vaccinations and clean water! Small changes can make a HUGE difference!

In 2012 child sponsorship money helped Plan UK to achieve the following:
•​Provide child protection training for nearly 150,000 community members
•​Build and refurbish 321 health centres
•​Install and upgrade 3796 water points and community water systems
•​Construct or refurbish 2152 schools and 3330 nurseries
•​Train 127175 teachers, community nursery staff and volunteers

For every child sponsored, a further 55 children also benefit directly.

Me, I’m giving up my twice weekly takeaway coffee: £2.55 for my Americano – £5.10 a week. That’s a saving of £265.20 a year, and that would mean I’d be consuming a lot less caffeine (which is definitely good!)

For more information on how you can Give Up To Give Back and change a child’s life forever, click here.

Thank you

Suzy xxx