Valentine’s Day Recipe

Posted on February 1, 2013

It’s time for another recipe….and as its nearly Valentine’s Day, I thought I would give you a Valentine’s Cupcake with a hidden Oreo inside!

Growing up I was always the girl who got hundreds of Valentine’s card, presents and flowers! On Valentine’s morning my dad would go outside and make sure all of my potential suitors were forming an orderly queue outside my front door…..

Ok I’m lying….

Bless my little heart, but at school I was a geek. I looked like this:


Not that looks should matter, but clearly to the boys around me….they did…

I never got a single Valentine’s card. My parents didn’t even bother writing me one to pretend that I had a secret admirer. They knew this would be too far fetched.

Now I am married and I probably still won’t get a Valentine’s card (Mr P is not very good at remembering these things) but I really don’t mind….I have cupcakes instead! đŸ™‚

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!

Suzy xxx