Getting Older

Posted on December 9, 2012

It’s nearly my birthday!

Yep, once again I turn 29 on the 20th, but how cool is my birthday this year? 20/12/2012

Every year I tell Mr P to surprise me. Every year, a few weeks before my birthday I find Mr P’s phone and find out what the surprise is! This year is different.

The other night I was wrapping presents and Mr P was doing whatever he was doing. However, his phone was in the same room as me. I looked at it and then did something I have never done in this situation before….I looked away!

Have I grown up? Is my impending 29th (again) birthday a sign that I have matured? Probably not to be honest!

No, I just want to be surprised! I want to be spoilt! Is that too much to ask? As a mummy of three I am more than used to spoiling my kids and occasionally Mr P, but is it wrong to want to be spoilt myself?

So this year I will of course be baking my own birthday cake – a Jo Wheatley chocolate cake, and I will be baking for my birthday breakfast….but other than that, I know nothing!

In the meantime I’m very excited to tell you that 4 more Bake With Suzy recipes went off for a photoshoot this week and I will of course show you the pictures as soon as I have them!

And, the tins are also now in Malaysia!!!

What an incredible year 2012 has been!!!

I can’t wait to turn 29 (again!)

Suzy xxx