Hair Dye!

Posted on November 24, 2012

Today I need to dye my hair. I have been colouring my hair since I was about 14 (approximately 5 years ago ;)) I used to do it for fun. Orange, red, black, blonde or brown. For a long time I used to scrape my hair back into a very tight ponytail and keep two very thin bits hanging down from my centre parting. I would jolene bleach those bits. I thought I looked great!

Nowadays I have to dye my hair.

Unfortunately though I seem incapable of just dying my hair. I ALWAYS end up with blobs of hair dye all over various bits of me!! I used to be able to blame my bad eyesight. I would dye my hair without my glasses on (I was worried about getting hair dye on them) and without my contact lenses in (I always dyed my hair first thing in the morning and didn’t want to waste a pair of my daily disposables!) So I would literally dye my hair blind!

I remember I always dreaded putting my glasses on after I had washed the hair dye out. It was only then that I would see the full extent of the horror i had created! It was only then that I would see that the bathroom, my face, my arms, my legs, my hands and not always my hair, were covered in hair dye!!!

I’ve had laser eye surgery so I’m not sure what my excuse is now!!

I have to dye my hair today because I am going to Birmingham this week for the next instalment of the BBC Good Food Show! I can not wait!! I can’t wait because the show is so exciting to be a part of! And I also can’t wait because I get to stay in hotel by myself for 2 nights!!!!!!!!

Now don’t get me wrong…I LOVE & ADORE Mr P & the little-uns….but the thought of sleeping like a starfish, with no surround sound snoring (Mr P next to me, little-est little-un in the next room), no ‘I’ve done a wee in my bed’, ‘I need a poo’, ‘I want to play’ (at 5.30am) is INCREDIBLE! I can actually have a shower without an audience, or even a camera (little-est little-un smuggled one in to the bathroom the other day!) I can actually take my time to do my makeup and hair, without ‘Mummy, I want a banana’, ‘Mummy, I want a yoghurt’, ‘Mummy I want chocolate!’…er…it’s 7.30am….even I draw the line at that!

So there is hair (and parts of my body and bathroom) to be dyed, shortbread samples to be baked, a wardrobe to be ransacked for suitable outfits, and a very large suitcase to be packed!

I’m so excited!!!!

Suzy xxx