BBC Good Food Show

Posted on November 14, 2012

I am absolutely cream crackered!!

I spent last weekend at the AMAZING BBC Good Food Show exhibiting my ‘Bake With Suzy’ range! The response to the tins was phenomenal, I was interviewed for radio, made some great contacts & met some wonderful people, including the lovely Cathryn Dresser from ‘The Great British Bake-Off’!


We had a really good chat and she even bought one of my tins!! (The shortbread one – blue tin!)

It was great to walk around the show and try lots of different food and I’m really excited for the next Good Food Show at the end of the month in Birmingham!

In the meantime i’m now working on FOUR new tins, so there literally is no time to rest. I have tried to sneak in a ‘sit down on the sofa’ to watch ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ or ‘Made in Chelsea’ but usually an oven beeping at me/a dishwasher beeping at me/an email beeping at me/a child beeping at me tears me away….

Talking of children, in between shopping for ingredients & baking, I found time to take my girlies to ballet. It was literally the cutest thing ever!

I’m not sure either of them are showing a huge amount of potential as ballerina’s (to be fair, they just skip A LOT), but I am pretty certain that their talent already exceeds their mother’s…

Right…I have promised myself an early night…it’s 10.15pm….oh dear I’ve failed… 🙁 well to be fair, any time before midnight is early for me!!

Sleep well

Suzy xxx