Posted on June 24, 2012

For some bizarre reason, many of my friends are scared to bake for me. I’m not sure what they think I’ll say or do, but some have openly said they would rather pick up something from m&s or even not invite me!!! 🙁

Now of course this is ridiculous. I love m&s baked goods, so there’s no reason not to invite me!!!

No seriously, I think the main issue is that I go totally overboard when people come to me for tea. A family of four coming over….ok I’ll cater for at least three times that! Cookies, cakes galore, a table laden with baked goods and inevitably at least one guest on a diet and another who is too polite to eat more than one of everything. The result: a lot of leftovers, a husband who moans there’s too many leftovers and children who eat too many leftovers. Sometimes I wish I could just buy my afternoon tea from the supermarket, but I’ve set this ridiculous expectation up now and also, secretly, I do get a lot of satisfaction from seeing a table full of things I’ve made.

So it came as a lovely and unexpected surprise, when my very best friend Mrs B told me she had made dessert for me and Mr P last night. We had gone over there for a BBQ – our first this ‘summer’ and to be honest, after the meat fest, I wasn’t actually sure that I had room for dessert. Mrs B is a fantastic cook, but even she will admit desserts are not her forte, so it would be really rude not to try it after she had gone to so much trouble to make it.

She brought out the dessert. It was crumble. I hate crumble. It was cherry crumble. I don’t like baked cherries. NOTE TO MY MUM-Mum, I DO NOT like crumble (my mum still offers me crumble every time she makes it!)

I decided to be a grown up and try it anyway, however there was another slight problem. Mr P does not like crumble. Mr P also hates all baked fruit. Not only was I going to have to eat my portion, but somehow eat Mr P’s too!

We all had our crumble in front of us and so far only Mrs B was tucking into it and enjoying it. There was an awkward silence whilst the rest of us just stared into our very full bowls (Mrs B, like me, does not believe in small portions for her guests.) Finally, Mr B pipes up: ‘I don’t know why you made crumble. I don’t like crumble and I hate cherries!’

Well, this, combined with the two glasses of Pimms set me into a fit of hysterical giggles-the kind where you are crying and snorting at the same time. Clearly no one yet understood why I was behaving like a buffoon (love that word!) They all just looked at me like I was mad.

Me: ‘Mrs B, I love you for making us dessert, but Mr B doesn’t like crumble, I don’t like crumble and Mr P doesn’t like crumble! No one like crumble!! Only you!!! You made crumble just for you!!!’

Bless her heart, she took it very well….we all ended up in hysterical giggles for the rest of the evening and suffice to say she will probably be buying dessert from m&s next time! 😉

Will I ever get an invite again?!?

Suzy xxx