It’s Too Hot!!!!

Posted on May 25, 2012

It’s too hot!!!

I know this is not a very helpful comment to make – considering that recently I have been at the front of the ‘weather complaints queue’! However, it is too hot. In my house, the coolest place at the moment is the downstairs toilet and realistically how long can you spend in there before it gets embarrassing?!

The other issue with weather in this country, is that it is perfectly normal for it to be boiling hot one week and then freezing cold the next! Has summer really arrived? Shall I pack away my jumpers and dust off my flip-flops? Do I accept that my hair is going to be summer frizzy for the next few months? (I think I have to!)

In other dilemmas, I’m still in the planning stage of my kitchen. I spoke to B&Q today and they are just trying to figure out a few technical issues – like moving my boiler. Moving it will give me a lot more options on layout – like potentially the room for an American fridge freezer! I’m currently undecided between a range cooker and two single ovens, and possibly even a steam oven too! And then there is the issue of the purple cupboards. Do I go for them on the top and bottom or do I split them up with the cream gloss cupboards? Decisions decisions….any thoughts?

In baking news, I have been back in the kitchen inventing! I wanted to create a summery bake that was light and delicious….step forward my Citrus Crackle Cookies! As usual, they’re easy peasy and just a little bit different!

I’m off to find something cold to drink!

Suzy xxx