Bank Holiday Fun!

Posted on May 7, 2012

So, today we had a photo shoot for the local paper and they wanted a picture of me baking with my kids. Now, no one is a bigger fan of my banana and chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting than me, but after making approximately 7,000 of them over the past few weeks, I wanted to make something different! I needed a cake that was very easy, very child friendly and very delicious – my ‘Easy Peasy Rocky Road’! So easy, you could practically make it with your eyes shut (not actually advisable considering there is simmering water and knives involved) and so delicious, it is virtually impossible to eat just one piece! I have therefore added the recipe to the recipe section on my Blog – enjoy!

In other exciting news, I received a tweet today, informing me that Loudons Cafe in Edinburgh were selling my cake! I spoke to Chris, the owner and he said that the cake was a huge success and even sold out!!


Tomorrow I’m looking forward to hearing from B&Q, so we can start planning my new kitchen!

Happy Days!

Suzy xxx