Cookie Dough Bites


Cookie dough is delicious baked in cupcakes & brownies, served in an ice cream sundae or just eaten on its own! There is no raw egg in this recipe, so you can eat it safely! (Note – Recipe can be easily halved, but I like to make varying sizes – some to put on cake pop sticks and some to be smaller and put in presentation bags as these make great homemade gifts).


60g butter (at room temperature)
75g caster sugar
75g light brown sugar
175g plain flour
50ml milk
50g chocolate chips (I use either dark or milk)

Optional for dipping:

150g melted dark or milk chocolate


1.Line a baking tray with either baking parchment or foil.

2. In a large bowl cream together the butter with both of the sugars until fully combined.

3. Add in the flour and milk and mix together.

4. Finally pour in the milk chocolate chips, and using your hands, make sure they are evenly spread through the cookie dough.

5. Roll the dough into balls. These can be larger ones that are placed on cake pop sticks, or smaller bite size ones. Or perhaps even make a variety of sizes.

6. Lay the Cookie Dough Balls on the baking tray and pop them in the freezer for at least an hour.

7.Once the hour is up, if you want, you can coat them in melted chocolate. (Do this by inserting a toothpick in to the dough ball and dipping them in to a shallow bowl filled with melted chocolate.)

You can store these cookie dough bites for a week in the fridge.

*Note – If baking with these, use this brownie recipe, and instead of oreos, use frozen cookie dough balls, and this cupcake recipe and once again, instead of oreos, use frozen cookie dough balls!*